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Who I Am[edit]

Just another random user on the internet. I run and have been involved in Wikipedia since 2001. (When the Vegan article was just a dead link)

I have worked on Most of the Presidents (Inagural speeches), some rivers, fixing references to Babelfish and Babel Fish, and a whole slew of others.

Old User Page[edit]

Describe the new page here.Woo. Here I am, new and all wet behind the ears. Just wandering around fixing tiny things and looking for some good large projects. 09.27.01

You have been busy! Welcome aboard. -- Claudine

Thank you! What great fun this is. How do you know that I've been doing things?

If you've entered a User ID under Preferences, the software logs that ID under the changes made to a page, otherwise it records your IP address. Recent Changes and each page's View other revisions entry shows who has changed a page, and when. -- Claudine

Work in progress:

woo, my band has a page on now. here