Michel Rodange

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Michel Rodange
Born3 January 1827
Waldbillig, Luxembourg
Died27 August 1876(1876-08-27) (aged 49)
OccupationSchoolteacher, poet, novelist
Notable worksRenert oder de Fuuß am Frack an a Ma'nsgrëßt

Michel Rodange (3 January 1827 – 27 August 1876) was a Luxembourgish writer and poet, best known for writing Luxembourg's national epic, Reynard|Renert [full original title: Renert oder de Fuuß am Frack an a Ma'nsgrëßt].[1][2]


Rodange was born in Waldbillig. He was a schoolteacher by profession, teaching in Steinsel and Larochette, although he later became a city worker in Echternach.

His most notable work was Renert, published in 1872. An epic satirical work—adapted from the 1858 Cotta Edition of Goethe's fox epic Reineke Fuchs to a setting in Luxembourg—[1] it is known for its insightful analysis of the unique characteristics of the people of Luxembourg, using regional and sub regional dialects to depict the fox and his companions.

The Lycée Michel-Rodange school in Luxembourg City is named after him. He has been featured on two postage stamps.


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